Business Desktop Maintenance: 8 Factors That Affect Optimum Desktop Performance

Desktop maintenance requires a certain amount of skill and discipline. In order to perform regular updates in your business desktop computer's systems and applications, you will definitely need the skill and knowledge, but in order to actually keep your business desktop working satisfactorily, it takes a discipline. Millions of dollars are spent by companies worldwide in order to ensure that all computer-related aspects of the business are handled well and maintained accordingly. This of course includes the company-issues business computers (or laptops). Most companies invest a lot of money to develop the best IT systems and maintenance process.

As employees who use company resources to do our job, even the small things we do can be a big help in the maintenance of our business computers. In relation to this, below are some factors that affect the optimum business desktop performance:

  1. Installing unnecessary computer applications that take up too much disk space.
  2. Storing personal files (music files, photos, videos) in your business computer.
  3. Using an unsecured network, which can put your business desktop at risk and prone to viruses and other infected files?
  4. Installing games in your business desktop computer, which not only take up disk space, but this will also slow down the system speed.
  5. Installing software applications that are not compatible with your desktop computer's settings. Most software applications have minimum requirements for successful installation.
  6. Changing the computer settings without informing your local IT – this can totally mess up your computer's performance.
  7. Ignoring system prompts for regular disk check and defragmenting schedules.
  8. Accessing restricted sites through your business computer – not only is this inappropriate employee behavior, but it also poses a risk to compliance of your business IT policies.